footNicky’s Story

Alone, beaten, robbed

At 17 years old, Nicky had no one in her life who she could talk to or trust. She felt totally alone and isolated. She had nowhere to call home.

When she found a hostel to stay in, Nicky thought she’d be safe. But the other people living there stole from her, attacked her and exploited her.

That Christmas, Nicky was at her lowest point. Alone, beaten, robbed.

– she had lost all hope.

Recovering from trauma

Nicky’s only support throughout this time was Elizabeth, one of our specialist practitioners.

Nicky was referred to Elizabeth by her social worker. Elizabeth works with young people at risk of sexual exploitation and criminal exploitation.

Elizabeth met with Nicky regularly and they built a positive, caring relationship through specialist one-to-one support.

She was there for Nicky when no one else was and showed her that she wasn’t alone.

With Elizabeth’s help, Nicky was able to recover from her trauma and rebuild her confidence.

Safe and secure

Nicky is now living in her own flat, feeling safe and secure, and studying for a career she loves.

Nicky credits the support she received from Elizabeth as helping her to survive some of her most challenging moments.

Your donation today will help provide specialist support to another child like Nicky whose Christmas is broken, and bring joy back to their life.

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